General Terms and Conditions


  • Detailed characteristics of the products and services are included on the product data sheet in as much detail as possible. Should the client require any further information, they are invited to send an email to client services at who shall provide this information. client services can be contacted by email at
  • The greatest care is exercised in presenting products, images and graphics. However, these are for indicative purposes only and cannot be held responsible for these nor can they affect the validity of your order.
  • Any presentation of images is not contractually binding.
  • Owing to certain constraints in terms of stock availability, general delays and the terms and conditions of conducting its business activities, expressly reserves the right to provide identical substitute equipment of the same value and condition.
  • Failure on the part of the customer to refuse to take delivery of this substitute material at the time of its provision, either in part or in full, will be deemed to constitute their acceptance and this shall subject this party to the obligations arising from this.
  • No deduction shall be applied for any equipment that is cancelled in part or in full, nor for a furniture change request following delivery in accordance with the order.


  • The prices indicated for the rental of our products are unit prices, and are to be understood to be excluding tax.
  • The taxes in force at the time the order was placed (VAT and other potential taxes) shall be applied to the indicated prices.
  • The prices for the hire of our products are indicated in euros excluding taxes.
  • The prices for the hire of our products are indicated for the duration of the event, lasting 1 to 6 days.
  • The prices of all products dispatched outside of the European Union and the French overseas departments and territories shall automatically be calculated excluding taxes on the invoice. Customs duties or other local taxes, import duties or state taxes may be payable. These rights and amounts fall beyond's scope of responsibility. They shall be borne by yourself and remain your sole responsibility both in terms of declarations and payments to be made to the relevant authorities and bodies in your country. We advise you to check on these with your local authorities.
  • All orders, irrespective of where they come from, are payable in euros.
  • reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, however the products shall be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time of placing the order, subject to availability.
  • The rates are applicable if the order terms and conditions comply with the stipulations in the ORDER paragraph.
  • Transportation fees are included for all the official trade shows, fairs and exhibitions listed in our database. However, shall strive to deliver to other sites without necessarily invoicing for the transportation concerned.
  • Certain orders may fall beyond the scope of these general terms and conditions: duration of use, place of use, volumes of the order, required modifications to standard equipment, etc.

These special orders shall be subject to special agreements that shall consider with each of its clients on a case by case basis.


Owing to certain constraints in terms of stock availability, general delays and the terms and conditions of conducting its business activities, expressly reserves the right to provide identical substitute equipment to that ordered so as to ensure the exact same usage. The hiring party shall acknowledge that the material condition of their contract is based on the use that can be made of the equipment and not on the composition of the equipment itself.
Failure on the part of the client to refuse to accept the substitute equipment following the provision of information by our agents shall be deemed to constitute acceptance thereof, which shall also bind the client in terms of the obligations that this entails.


Orders can be placed:

  • On internet:
  • By telephone on +33(0)187 581 110 calling from mainland France. Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm
  • By letter addressed to - 18 route de Versailles 78117 CHATEAUFORT

Contractual information is provided in French.

  • Orders are only captured by our agents should the payment terms and conditions be fully fulfilled. See the paragraph on PAYMENT METHODS
  • Your order must be sent to us at least 15 days prior to the event concerned. In the event of a shorter time period than 15 days, reserves the right not to fulfil the order, or to only partially fulfil it. However, shall do its utmost to fulfil any late orders in an effort to satisfy its clients.
  • Any order delivered to SERVICE EXPO.COM shall be deemed to be definitive from the time it is received with its tax-inclusive price settled.
  • In the event of the client's cancellation of the order, irrespective of the date, 20% of the full payable amount of the order shall be paid as a penalty. This penalty shall be deducted from the amount paid at the time of placement of the order.
  • Any order cancellation within 15 working days of the first day of the installation, shall entail the required payment of the amount due in terms of the order.
  • An order form is available on our website at: Should you not use Internet, you can nonetheless deliver an order form to us (based on that on our website or by any other means at your convenience). We would like to reiterate that irrespective of the order method used, your order shall only be registered by us once the payment terms have been fully met. See the paragraph on PAYMENT METHODS.


When you click on the Confirm button at the end of the order process, you are signifying your acceptance of it in addition to these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Use fully and without reserve. The data recorded by serves as proof of all the transactions effected by SERVICE-EXPO and its clients.


The products and services shall be delivered or realised at the location of the stand that you indicate at the time of placing your order.

  • undertakes to deliver and collect equipment and realise services in accordance with the time frames indicated below:
VARIOUS ITEMS OF EQUIPMENT The day before the event As soon as the event closes
STAND The day before the event As soon as the event closes
FURNITURE The day before the event As soon as the event closes
LIGHTING The day before the event As soon as the event closes
FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS The day before the event As soon as the event closes
AUDIOVISUAL The day before the event As soon as the event closes
MANUTENTION La veille du début de la manifestation voire le matin même Dès la fermeture de la manifestation et durant le démontage
CLEANING Every day between closing... .... and opening the following day.
HOSTESSES According to the hours you have indicated
CATERING Between 12pm and 2pm on the days on which the trade show is open. vaisselle jetable par l'exposant
  • undertakes to deliver the ordered equipment in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated at the time the order was placed.
  • undertakes to deliver the ordered equipment to the stand indicated by the client, via any means or manner as it sees fit. Equipment dropped off at the stand by is deemed to be delivered.
  • In the event of the recipient's refusal of the equipment for any reason whatsoever, obligations towards shall fall on the ordering party (full payment of the issued invoice).
  • On delivery, the conformity of the goods delivered must be checked with any reserves handwritten and accompanied by your signature regarding any anomaly concerning the delivery (anomaly, damaged product, etc.). Reservations should also be indicated to the courier no later than two working days after receipt of the item(s) with a copy of this letter sent to
  • Any complaint made beyond this time frame shall not be considered.


The hiring party becomes "guardian" of the hired items and equipment for the duration of the rental period, they will need to:

  • Use the hired equipment for its usual intended purpose and not do or let anything be done to it that may damage it.
  • Vis à vis, the hiring party is solely responsible for any potential damage, loss or theft.
  • Failure on the part the hiring party to have, within 24 hours of delivery of the hired equipment, presented in writing justified claims concerning the state and quantities thereof, shall constitute an understanding that this party has received it in good working order, and they shall be liable for returning it in such a condition at the end of the hiring period. Once this time frame has passed, no complaint shall be considered.
  • The hiring party must take all necessary measures to insure themselves, as they deem necessary, against the risk of damage, loss, theft or otherwise, and generally against any damage for which, by express agreement, they could be held liable towards
  • The hired equipment may only be used with the consent of who reserves the right to invoke, without notice or compensation and subject to any claim for damages, legal proceedings in the event of a breach of these terms and conditions.
  • Through express agreement, shall regain possession of the hired equipment on closing of the fair, trade show or exhibition, and to this end the hiring party shall have to have made all the necessary arrangements, in particular to ensure removal and collection of any item or documentation belonging to them or to their visitors. shall under no circumstances be held responsible for the disappearance, deterioration of other damage that could occur to any item or hired equipment that the client may not have removed on the closing of the trade show.
  • Except with the written consent of, no modification or transformation (appearance, power supply, water supply, etc.) may be made to the hired equipment.


  • Our full product offering is equipment for hire. This is the reason why, irrespective of the nature or duration of the rental, the hired equipment remains the exclusive property of
  • However, the transfer of risk takes place at the time of delivery.
  • Under no circumstances may this equipment be moved or transferred. The hiring party is formally prohibited, and in particular this equipment cannot be seized in the event of liquidation or bankruptcy on the part of the hiring party.
  • Failing this, shall be able to regain possession of it, following a simple summary order provided by the President of the Commercial Court of LYON.


  • Payment needs to be made to for the indicated amounts, tax inclusive. (all taxes included)
  • The payment terms and conditions depend on the amount of each order, excluding tax:
Amount tax inclusive from €0 to €4,000:
100% payment on placement of the order
Amount tax inclusive above €4,000:
50% payment on placement of the order, with the balance due 8 days prior to start of the trade show

We would like to reiterate that any order that reaches us without the full settlement thereof cannot be taken into account by our agents


Our company accepts all the usual payment methods, including:

  • Cheque, made out to Service-expo
  • Bank wire :


Bank code
Sort code
Account number
RIB key


  • Cash
  • Bank card (See paragraph on SECURITY)

Irrespective of the payment method you choose, we remind you that the full payment of goods and/or services provided is to be made prior to the start of the event.
See the paragraph on PAYMENT METHODS.

BANKING SECURITY provides you with the option to pay directly by credit card on the website at: This payment method is totally secure, taking place via the CAISSE D'EPARGNE network.
The CAISSE D'EPARGNE payment server ensures the absolute confidentiality of the purchaser's bank details vis à vis which means that:

  • therefore never finds out the purchaser's credit card number or expiry date.
  • The purchaser is therefore guaranteed that their banking details shall not be divulged.

To find out more about the specific secure payment method offered by the CAISSE D'EPARGNE network, we advise you to visit the website developed through the CAISSE D'EPARGNE network. We eagerly invite you to familiarise yourself with the information contained on this website. This provides you with the ideal opportunity to ask all the necessary questions and obtain responses directly from the specialists concerned.


In the event of difficulties applying these terms and conditions, the purchaser has the option, prior to instituting any legal proceedings, to seek an amicable solution, particularly with recourse to any mediation of its choice.
It is reiterated that, as a general rule, and subject to the discretion of the courts, the contractual guarantee only applies when:

  • The purchaser honours their financial commitments to the seller,
  • The purchaser uses the equipment in the prescribed way. For highly technical operations, no third party not authorised by the seller or the manufacturer shall effect works to repair the device (except in cases of force majeure or prolonged failure on the part of the seller).

Any dispute, whatever its nature and whatever its origin and cause, shall be brought before the Commercial Court of LYON (even in the event of the introduction of third parties or action by virtue of any joint and several liability) and shall be judged in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of hire as long as these conditions do not result in an obstacle to this assignment of competence.

  • Delivery and collection

    The products and/or services will be delivered or realised at the location you indicate at the time of placing your order.

  • Contact us

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    Mail :

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Payment methods accepted

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